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Choosing your design bedside table: advice on how to do it right

In a bedroom, the bed is probably the most important element. Then there is the bedroom furniture such as the bedside tables. These add both style and functionality to your bedroom. However, choosing an end table can be daunting with the plethora of choices on the market. To help you choose the right bedside table for your bedroom, read on for tips.

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First things to consider

One of the first things to consider in your quest for the right nightstand is deciding how many you want. Most bedrooms have two, especially if two people share a bed. So each person has a piece of furniture for light and anything else they want to keep close by.
Also, keep in mind that if you decide to get two, it’s not mandatory that these tables be a matching set. In fact, there are couples with different styles or different needs. So, for example, one of them may choose a piece of furniture design, and the other may choose a bedside table out of the ordinary.
It is worth noting that the size of your bedroom will help you determine how many nightstands to include. However, you certainly don’t want to opt for a pair of tables that might clutter your room.

Choose the bedside table with the right height

Find an end table that is as high as the top of your mattress for a cohesive look and a surface that is at a convenient, comfortable level. For beds with high mattress toppers or box springs, find a matching higher bedside table. Low-profile nightstands will look better with shorter beds.
It’s a good idea to place your nightstands a few inches from the side of your bed to allow your blankets and sheets to hang over the edge. This will also help you avoid any accidental collisions while sleeping on the edge of your bed.

The surface of the table must be sufficient

The top of your bedside table should have enough room for your glasses, a book, a table lamp, contemporary bed,  an alarm clock… anything you want to have within reach of your bed. If your nightstand tends to accumulate a lot of items, choose a nightstand with a lot of surface area on top.
In case you are a fan of minimalism, it is worth choosing a nightstand that includes drawers. This way, everything you need will be well stored in these compartments.

Choose materials according to your taste

The material you choose for your bedside table will be related to your taste as well as the style you want to give to your bedroom. There are many choices.
For example, wood is an environmentally friendly, durable, beautiful material, but it is quite expensive. Wooden bedside tables are often decorated with designs and carvings. There are also bedside tables made of composite materials. This type of design furniture consists of parts of metal (frame), glass (table top) and plastic (trim).

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