Design furniture: which style to choose?

Contrary to what many people believe, the adjective “design” does not refer to a style of furniture. Rather, it refers to a trendy or timeless piece of uncompromising quality that has a unique appearance. A piece of designer furniture is therefore a functional piece of high-end furniture with exceptional lines, made from high quality materials. A true work of art! The choice of style depends on your overall interior design and your preferences.

Design furniture

Modern design furniture

If you want to create a modern and elegant decor in your home, simplicity will be your ally! Thus, it is advisable to bet on a pure design furniture with clear lines. You will avoid anything that can add a touch of extravagance to the room. You will focus on neutral colors such as white, black, gray, beige and brown. Earth tones like ochre, brown and blue are also perfect for this contemporary style. A monochromatic match will keep things simple. Besides, wood, glass and metal are the main materials for making modern design furniture.

Classic design furniture

This kind of furniture design chicago  is inspired by traditional style and old European design. Its charm is timeless and accentuates its elegance. It is also appreciated for the comfort and security it brings to a room. A classic design furniture also brings warmth and makes the house more welcoming. Calmness will remain at the heart of your decoration and wood will be your material of choice. We recommend warm colors like red, yellow or cream. Why not a golden Louis XV armchair upholstered in red? It is a majestic piece with a very rich sculpture. As you can see, you need to know how to combine sophistication and elegance to find a piece of design furniture in this style.

Industrial design furniture

As the name suggests, this style of design furniture is inspired by the industrial age. Therefore, metal and brick are in the spotlight. Raw materials in general are preferred, including weathered wood and concrete. Very present in the lofts, the industrial style still adapts to all homes. Brown, brown, gray and black are among the tones to adopt. You can therefore opt for a piece of designer furniture that combines wood with metal and has a vintage look. The minimalist side remains essential.

Scandinavian design furniture

Sleek, modern, classy, practical and qualitative, a Nordic furniture has everything of a design piece. We still advise you to find a model with more original lines to stand out from the crowd, because the Scandinavian style has been inviting itself into many homes for a few years now. In the appropriate color palette, we can suggest white, black and all light colors. Wood, metal and quality plastic are the main materials of Scandinavian furniture.