Design furniture : the right choice of a Modern Occasional Tables

A design furniture is a high quality furniture made from a noble material. It benefits from original lines while being functional and very pleasant to look at. It is a timeless piece of furniture that will not tire you in a few years. It combines the benefits of art and the utility of architecture. In a word, a piece of designer furniture is a masterpiece that is both beautiful and well-made. Today, we will see how to choose a designer coffee table for the living room. Here are the criteria to see imperatively!

design furniture

The shape of the design coffee table

You will find a plethora of design coffee tables on the market. There are all shapes, all colors and all styles. In fact, a piece of designer furniture can be of any style as long as it meets the criteria mentioned above. So you can choose the style you want depending on your interior design in general. The most important thing is to choose a coffee table whose shape fits the configuration and arrangement of the furniture set that surrounds it. Also think about optimizing the space, especially if the room is small, because you need to be able to move around the coffee table.
We recommend a round or oval model if you want to create a friendly atmosphere in your living room. These shapes make it easier to move around and promote closeness between the people sitting on the sofa and the chair. On the other hand, a square designer coffee table fits very well in a room of the same shape or rectangular. It is also convenient for eating to have a small aperitif in front of the TV. If you have a corner sofa design, a rectangular coffee table is more appropriate.

The material of the design furniture

A piece of designer furniture is always made from a noble material and of uncompromising quality. However, the choice is still vast despite this requirement. You just have to take into account certain parameters. For example, a transparent glass coffee table is perfect for a small living room. If, on the contrary, the room is large, it is better to go for a heavy material to avoid having an empty feeling. You will have understood, solid wood is your best ally. The style of interior design you have chosen also comes into play. For an industrial style living room, for example, metal and black stained wood are perfectly suited.

The dimensions of the design occasional tables

To know the right size of the coffee table design , you need to check the following two factors:

  • the dimensions of the living room;
  • the height of the sofa and the armchair.

You can take a measuring tape to define precisely the dimensions of these two pieces of furniture that will surround the design coffee table. The latter should be neither too low nor too high for harmony and practicality. The goal is to be able to take an object placed on the coffee table with ease.